"The most powerful collection of female performances in London."


"The best drama I've seen all year."


"I rarely gush but this play is the most awesome thing I have seen on stage possibly ever. I should point out that I don't know anyone in it or any crew so this is not a promo for friends. It was just brilliant, please go see it."


"Shockingly, heartbreakingly, devastatingly beautiful and sad and human. The company is astonishing, honestly, and it’s so refreshing to see an ensemble of strong, talented women storm that tiny space and fill it to the brim with palpable energy. It has everything a good piece of theatre should have, and then some, because the cast do it such justice that I could watch it over and over just to pick up on the things I missed out on the first time."


"Everyone should get down and see Women of Twilight at the Pleasance. I'm biased towards an all-female cast, but they were all fantastic."


"Brilliant atmosphere and every character and actress was memorable."


"An amazing performance of a really special piece."


"Rare to see so many strong female roles - a lost classic indeed."


"Very well acted and directed. A forgotten little jewel."


"I was deeply touched by the strength of the performances and the distressing yet honest content of the script. Every cast member shone and performed with passion and I could not fault anyone! The energy between the cast was magical and absolutely drew me in. I was completely immersed in the show within minutes. I would wholeheartedly recommend going to see it. Totally gripping!"


"Would implore you to go see Women of Twilight. Incredibly poignant and topical. Mesmerising, hard-hitting acting. Do it now!"


"An old play that has held up very well and was greatly enhanced by the direction of Jonathan Rigby and the outstanding actresses. Characters so well drawn and giving an intimate view of a way of life from the middle 1900s."


"The acting was fantastic. Vivianne as a character unfolded beautifully, as did all of the individuals and aspects."


"Beautifully acted, thought provoking, insightful and an inspiration to keep fighting for and defending the Welfare State. Thank you for introducing this fantastic piece of work to me."


"The best play and performances I've seen on the fringe in a very long time."


"One of the most gripping pieces of theatre I've ever seen. Phenomenal cast."


"Superb. Wonderful casting. Poignant tale of 1950s human cruelty. Better than Lear at the National Theatre."


"Women of Twilight was gripping, moving and at times funny. A maniacal villain and all-female cast of 11. What's not to like?"


"Fabulous cast. Bloody brilliant, thought-provoking and heart-wrenching stuff. Sensitively and beautifully performed with depth, humour and love. A story of strength, loss, society and just being human. It's a treasure piece of theatre and a story that crosses the generations, reflecting many of the current issues still relevant today. Go and see!"


"Women of Twilight at the White Bear is just staggeringly good. I've seen it twice and recommend it extremely highly."


"An awesome piece of theatre."


"My God ... what a play ... and what a cast. Women of Twilight surpassed my already high expectations and had the audience enthralled. The whole cast were absolutely superb! Theatre doesn't get much better than this."


"Go see Women of Twilight, a moving yet at times comic play performed by 11 actresses, all amazing."


"One of those lucky events when excellent script writing, first class directing and hugely talented actors converge to produce a drama that engages and enthralls the audience. I must also congratulate the stage and costume designers; this group of people never cease to amaze me with their imagination and inventiveness."


"Women of Twilight is a fantastic Gothic 1950s melodrama with a super all-female cast."


"What a brilliant play with such an incredibly talented cast. Harrowing but beautifully touching."


"One of the highlights of our visit to London - powerfully performed, fully and vividly realised."


"Loved Women of Twilight. Great to see so many women on stage. Also pleased to see so many men in the audience!"


"Women of Twilight is brilliant. Excellent ensemble cast and thoroughly engrossing drama. Congratulations to all."


"I liked it so much that after the curtain call I went on the stage and looked at everything: the postcards on the wall, the ration books on the shelves, the art and clothes and nicknacks - I couldn’t leave it alone until I’d taken every little bit of it in. It did that thing that all theatre should do. It took me to a time and a place and made me feel emotions. Real ones. It’s not very often theatre does that, not really."


"Women of Twilight is a great play, performed beautifully ... what's not to like? Go and see it."


"That was an incredible performance - made us on the edge of our seats!"


"Honest and beautiful work from the very talented cast of Women of Twilight."


"A great fringe theatre night out - made me cry."


"Great play, fantastic performances."


"A wonderful ensemble piece and a credit to the Lost Classics. This play deserves that title as I was effortlessly drawn into

1950s London."


"I was totally engrossed from the first second. Brilliant cast and a fantastic play. Might try to see it again before it closes, which I've never felt the need to do before! I felt like a fly on the wall in the squalid parlour room of 1950s moral condemnation."


"What a wonderful array of talented ladies."


"One of the most gripping pieces of theatre I've ever seen. Phenomenal cast."


"Loved Women of Twilight. Superbly pitched production of a bit insane and fascinating 1950s play."


"Women of Twilight is superb. Often poignant but always moving."


"I was blown away by the beauty of the piece. It was one of the most poignant and clever pieces of theatre I've ever seen. I love the intimacy that was created and the reality of each and every character was so clear and driven that many in the theatre, including myself, were left teary-eyed and wonderfully drained by the end of it."

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